REVIEWS review of Elgar's Starlight Express, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis, Barbican Hall, April 2018:

"A poignant violin solo ...preceded Emma Tring's glossy, gleaming rendition of the Dawn Song..."  Claire Seymour review of Varese Etude pour Espace, BBC Singers, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sakari Oramo, Barbican Hall, May 2017:

"Soprano Emma Tring 100% nailed her solo with such aplomb that for me it basically justified the entire concert. What amazing singing."  Rachel Beaumont. review of The Somme Remembered, BBC Singers, Paul Brough, Milton Court, Feb 2016:

"Hindemith's Traumwald was a revelation, expressive in constuction and in this performance, thanks to Emma Tring and the Carducci Quartet."  David Truslove review of Gabriel Jackson's Passion, Merton College, Ben Nicholas, April 2014:

"A lustrous Emma Tring presented a radiantly beautiful version of the General Thanksgiving." David Truslove review of Bob Chicott's Angry Planet recording on Signum classics, Nov 2015:

In the 'Midnight' movement, soprano Emma Tring contributes a lovely, soaring solo." Joshua Rosenblum review of David Goode Blitz Requiem, St Paul's Cathedral, David Hill, RPO, September 2013:

"Soprano Emma Tring and tenor Matthew Long were especially notable for their angelically clear and pure, yet also dramatic and impassioned deliveries." Jonathan Russell

OpinioN8 review of Finchley Choral society concert, St Pancras Church, Grace Rossiter, March 2016:

"Soprano Emma Tring was fantastic; clearly she has a powerful voice but was able to temper it to suit the imploring sentiment of the Haydn Salve.... Emma Tring delivered the opening of the Mozart Laudate Dominum, with the chorus joining in at the Gloria Patri, perfectly complementing her soaring voice." David Winskill

The Guardian review of King Arthur, I Fagiolini, Robert Hollingworth, Shoreditch Church, June 2011:

"Julia Doyle and Emma Tring made a nicely wicked pair of Sirens!" Tim Ashley review of Tallis in Wonderland, I Fagiolini, Wilton Music Hall, April 2009:

" Resolutely controlled singing...wit and exuberant physicality to the sound...wonderful respect for the music shown by the extraordinarly energetic performers..." Rian Evans

Mid Sussex Times review of Haydn's Creation, Brighton, March 2008:

"Soprano Emma Tring floated some bell-like top notes with warmth and appeal. She brought the text alive to convey joy and bliss." Mark Gale

The Times review of Elliott Carter Mad Regales premiere, Barbican Hall, December 2008:

"Mad Regales, delivered by six fearless members of the BBC Singers, proved a bracing modern madrigal." Geoff Brown